There’s nothing better than cakebut more cake.
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Standard and Customizable Cakes

Mousse Cakes



Custom-made Cakes for Every
Occasion and Non-Occasion
All our cakes (starting 500 GMS) are customisable!
Organic &
100% Vegetarian
No preservatives, no chemicals, no tinned foods. Only the best for your loved ones!
We don’t cut corners when it comes to quality. You're special, so we get our cakes to match!
Small Business
We believe in independently-owned businesses supporting each other, after all we're one, too!
Hygiene and safety guaranteed. We've limited ourselves to deliveries and takeaways for the time being.
Made from Scratch
Pre-mixes are out, so are bland bases. Feel the flavour in every bite with our lovingly concocted cakes!
Good things take time. Place your orders 1-2 days in advance to help us serve you best.

Our Process

We are up bright and early at the crack of dawn to get to work on your cakes. None of those previous day-baked cakes for us, or if we can help it, you! We never pre-bake our cakes. Because here at Cocoa Confections, fresh does not mean half a day old.
Ingredients for each cake are measured out, sifted and mixed separately. Only a rasmalai base to match your rasmalai cakes topping, none of that boring vanilla for you!
No better trio than butter, sugar and cream exists. So we leave them to their own company while the flavours seep in.
Each Cocoa Confections cake has its own journey. Each Cocoa Confections cake has its own journey, but they all have the same mission – more happiness and smiles wherever they go!


We are always happy to welcome additions into our family.